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Engaging Undergraduate Students in Motor Learning and Control:

A Real-Life Application of Team-based Learning and Other Teaching Strategies

Harry Meeuwsen, Ph.D.

Chair, UTEP Department of Kinesiology

The purpose of this web page is to share my experiences implementing Team-based Learning and other active learning strategies with other university faculty and instructors to help develop a fun and exciting way of teaching. The course presented here was developed over a 5-year period based on Larry Michaelsen's Team-based Learning strategy, and incorporates strategies to help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The site contains everything I use in my lower division undergraduate motor learning and control class and I admit that the information I provide here is narrowly focused. It presents all learning activities I designed for my class and may be more or less applicable to your teaching situation. However, I believe that a specific example of how various principles of Team-based Learning and critical thinking can be applied in practice may help you in redesigning your class regardless of your specific situation.

I recommend that you take a look at the "how do I get started" file in the menu of links on the left side of the screen, and the structure of the course under the "visual overview" link. These documents give you the "bigger picture" of the course structure, and help you think through the design elements of the course.

All the documents available on this site are free for you to use. The links in the
top menu bar give you access to lesson plans (Course Units and Lesson Plans), all the homework (Tickets to Class) and In-class Assignments that are performed by the student teams. I also present a few recent student reflections about the course.

The links in the
menu on the left side of the screen provide more general information. You can learn a bit more about who I am and why I decided to spend so much time on this effort. You will also find some more background information on Team-based Learning, related internet sites, and the course syllabus I use in my class.

I sincerely hope that this information will help you strengthen your teaching and your students' learning. I hope it helps you with the design of learning experiences that will engage the students and help them learn the content at much deeper levels, because in the end it is the effort that students put into their learning that counts. To help make this happen, I have spend much time creating a course structure and designing a sequence of assignments that hold the students accountable for their learning, provide repetition, progressively increase critical thinking, and makes learning more fun and meaningful. Based on student feedback I have been somewhat successful in this effort.

If you decide to use these materials please, (1) give me credit for my work, and (2) share your experience with me so I can learn from it.  With your permission I would like to post your experiences on this web site to share them with other readers as well.

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