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Deana D. Pennington, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Geological Sciences

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Dr. Deana Pennington, Associate Professor in Geological Sciences at the University of Texas at El Paso, is a physical geographer with cross training in learning sciences. Her research focuses on how changes in climate and land structure impact natural processes such as water, wildfire, atmospheric aerosols, and biodiversity, especially focused on geospatial approaches to analyzing land change and socio-environmental systems. These studies have dictated that she also gain expertise in knowledge integration and synthesis in interdisciplinary teamwork, and emerging technologies for science, including cyberinfrastructure and informatics approaches. Hence, most of her work is at the boundaries between socio-environmental science, interdisciplinary teamwork, and emerging technologies.

Deana D. Pennington, PhD


University of Texas at El Paso
Department of Geological Sciences
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