University of Texas at El Paso
UTEP Bilingual MFA Program
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Prof. Rosa Alcalá

Courses taught or scheduled:



CRW 5368 (Bilingual) Variable Topics in Creative Writing. Latin American and Spanish Poets, Home and Abroad

CRW 5321 (Bilingual) Fall Narrative Theory and Poetics. From Imitators to “Pequeños Dioses”: Critical Perspectives on the Writer

CRW 5367 Advanced Poetry Writing. What is Poetry?



CRW 3375 Poetics. TransFORMations in the 20th Century

CRW 3373 (Bilingual) Writing in Society. Responses to the Spanish Civil War

ENGL 4341 Advanced Creative Writing. Poetry: Inspiration & Revision

ENGL 3370 Poetry Techniques. Dictation, Imitation, Trans/form/ation: Poetic Processes and Possibilities