University of Texas at El Paso
Compuer Science

CS 5352 - Computer Security

Spring 2005

Course Syllabus

Course Description:
With the multiplication of tasks that are performed on computers and the advent of globalisation of computing in general, the topic of computer security becomes more and more important. We see in this course what is computer security, especially as it relates to the protection of information stored on the computers and exchanged between computers. Topics include: system security analysis, access control and various security models, identification and authentication, security in UNIX and Windows, communication security, cryptography, internet security, e-commerce security protocols.

"Security in Computing'' by C. Pfleeger and S.L. Pfleeger.

Exams and Grades:
There will be two tests and a presentation. The rest of the grade will be based on written and programming assignments. The following percentages will be used in  formulating the final grade:

Test 1                20%
Test 2                20%
Presentation        25%
Assignments        35%

Faculty Information:
Professor:            Luc Longpre
Office:                227 CS Building
Phone:               747-6804
longpre @ cs .
Office Hours:       Tu-Th 1:30-2:30, or by appointment