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Selected Publications

  • Md. Ahsan; Md Tariqul I.; Krishna, K. S.; Lopez, J.; Gardea-Torresdey, J.; Noveron, J.C. Conversion of biomass to a scalable, high-capacity adsorbent for the removal of organic and inorganic pollutants in water. Environmental Technology & Innovation, 2018, under review.

  • Hoejin Kim; Luis M Delfin; Md T Islam; Carlos A Garcia Rosales; Luis A Chavez; Noveron J.C.; Tzu-Liang B Tseng; Yirong Lin. Fabrication and Characterization of PVDF/Photopolymer Resin Composites for Piezoelectric Pressure Sensing Application using Stereolithography 3D printing, Polymer, 2018, under review.

  • Md Tariqul Islam;Saenz -Arana R.; Hernandez, C.; Guinto T.; Ahsan Md A.; Bragg D.T.; Wang H.; Alvarado-Tenorio, B.; Noveron J.C. Conversion of scrap tire rubber into a high capacity adsorbent for the removal of organic pollutants from water. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2018, under review.

  • Md Tariqul Islam; HangkunJing; Ting Yang; EmmanuelZubia; AlanG Goos, ; RicardoA Bernal; CristianE Botez; MaheshNarayan; Candace K Chan; Noveron, J.. Gold Nanoparticle-Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposites Mediated with Fullerene (C60) for the Visible Light Induced Degradation of Methyl Orange in Water, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2018, under review.

  • Pardo, A., Garcia, H., Ramirez, P., Carrillo-Alvarad, M. A., Krishna, K.S., Dominguez, N., Md Tariqul I., Wang, H., Noveron, J. Self-Regenerating Photocatalytic Hydrogel for the Adsorption and Degradation of Methylene Blue and Antibiotics in Water. Environmental Technology & Innovation, 2018, under review.

  • Islam, M.T.; Hernandez, C.; Ahsan, M.A.; Pardo, A.; Wang, H.; Noveron, J.C. Sulfonated resorcinol-formaldehyde microspheres as high-capacity regenerable adsorbent for the removal of organic dyes from water. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2017, 5, 5270 - 5279.

  • E. Padilla, Julio & Melendez, Joshua; A. Barrera, Luis; Wu, Yanyu; Ventura, Karen; M. Veleta, Jose; Islam, Md; A. Chavez, Carmen; Krishna Katla, Sai; Villagrán, Dino; Noveron, Juan. High dispersions of carbon nanotubes on cotton-cellulose benzoate fibers with enhanced electrochemical generation of reactive oxygen species in water. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2017, In-print. 10.1016/j.jece.2017.12.002

  • Islam, M. T., Dominguez, N., Ahsan, Md A., Dominguez-Cisneros, H., Noveron, J.C. Sodium rhodizonate induced formation of gold nanoparticles supported on cellulose fibers for catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol and organic dyes. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2017, 5, 4185 - 4193.

  • Tasnim, N., Nair, B.G., Sai Krishna, K., Kalagara, S., Narayan, M., Noveron, J.C., Joddar, B. Frontiers in Nano-therapeutics. Springer, 2017.

  • Kim, Hoejin; Torres, Fernando; Islam, Md Islam; Md Didarul; A. Chavez, Luis; A. Garcia Rosales, Carlos; R. Wilburn, Bethany; M. Stewart, Calvin; C. Noveron, J.C.; Tseng, Bill; Lin, Yirong. Increased piezoelectric response in functional nanocomposites through multiwall carbon nanotube interface and fused-deposition modeling three-dimensional printing. MRS Communications. 2017, 7, 1-7.

  • Kim, H.; Shuvo, M. A. I.; Karim, H.; Noveron, J.C.; Tseng, T.; Lin, Y. Synthesis and characterization of CeO2 nanoparticles on porous carbon for Li-ion battery. MRS Advances, 2017, 3299 – 3307.

  • Kim, H.; Shuvo, M. A. I.; Karim, H.; Nandasiri, M. I.; Schwarz, A.M.; Vijayakumar, A. M. S.; Noveron, J.C.; Tseng, T.; Lin, Y. Porous Carbon/CeO2 Nanoparticles Hybrid Material for High-Capacity Super-Capacitors. MRS Advances, 2017, 2471 - 2480.

  • Islam, Md. Tariqul, Padilla, J. E. Dominguez, N., Alvarado, D. C., Alam, Md S., Cooke, P., Tecklenburg, M.M. J., Noveron, J.C. Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles reduced and stabilized by squaric acid and supported on cellulose fibers for the catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol in water. RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 91185.

  • Islam, Md. T., Molugu, S. K.; Cooke, P. H.; Noveron, J.C. Fullerene stabilized gold nanoparticles. New J. Chem., 2015, 39, 5923.

  • Karin, H.; Shuvo, M. A. I.; Islam, Md T.; Rodriguez, G.; Sandoval, A.; Nandasiri, M.; Schwarz, A.M.; Devaraj, A.; Noveron, J.C.; Lin, Y. Porous carbon/CeO2 composites for Li-ion battery application. Proc. SPIE 9439, Smart Materials and Nondestructive Evaluation for Energy Systems 2015, 94390I.

  • Shuvo, M. A. I.; Rodriguez, G.; Islam, Md T.; Karim, H.; Ramabadran, N.; Noveron, J.C.; Lin, Y. Microwave exfoliated graphene oxide/TiO2nanowire hybrid for high performance lithium ion battery, J. Appl. Phys., 2015,118, 125102.

  • Pal, S.; Islam, T.; Moore, J.T., Reyes, J.; Pardo, A.; Varela-Ramirez, A.; Noveron, J.C. Self-assembly of a novel Cu(II) coordination complex forms metallo-vesicles that are able to transfect mammalian cells. New. J. Chem., 2017, 41, 11230 - 11237.

  • Bugarin, A.; Martinez, L.;Cooke, P.; Islam, T.; Noveron, J. Solid-phase organic synthesis of 2- tridecanyl-1,4-naphthoquinone and2-tridecanyl-1,4-naphthodiol that form redox-active micelles and vesicles. Bioorg. Chem. 2014, 56, 62.

  1. Patents:

  • US Patent 15/408,014 2016, Rapid Gene-sensor from Carbon Nanotubes and DNA. Noveron, J.C., Alarcon, H.

  • US Patent 15/407,909 2016, Materials with Water-triggered Drug-release Properties. Noveron, J.C., Bahadorzadeh, S.