University of Texas at El Paso

Current research projects:
  • EMBeRS.  Dr. Pennington leads this collaborative project funded by the National Science Foundation on learning to integrate across the natural and social sciences.  This group is investigating how model-based reasoning enables construction of integrated conceptual frameworks across disciplines.
  • iLink@Cyber-Share. Dr. Pennington co-leads this Cyber-Share research group with Dr. Natalia Villanueva in UTEP Computer Science.  The group investigates formal and informal knowledge representation, semantic approaches, and knowledge exchange in science.
  • Water Sustainability. This project, funded by the USDA, is engaging with stakeholders in the middle Rio Grande Valley to understand and develop strategies for improving future water resources in the region. Dr. Pennington leads the modeling group.
  • Lifemapper:  Transforming Biodiversity Analysis with Landscapes, Automation, and Provenance.  Dr. Pennington is Co-PI on this NSF-funded project that is creating new technologies for spatial distribution modeling, applied to biodiversity, drought, disease, and other phenomena that are distributed across space.