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Assignment 1 (.zip)Luc Longpre 9/9/201437.09Download
Assignment 2 (.pdf)Luc Longpre 9/29/201434.21Download
Assignment 2 (turn in instructions) (.pdf)Luc Longpre 10/5/201436.09Download
Assignment 3 (.zip)Luc Longpre 10/27/201490.02Download
Assignment 4 (.pdf)Luc Longpre 11/25/201434.19Download
Contracts(.ppt)Luc Longpre 11/25/2014279.55Download
Copyright (.ppt)Luc Longpre 9/30/2014491.01Download
Cross-site scripting and Clickjacking (.zip)Luc Longpre 11/25/20141.42Download
Exam Sheet (.pdf)Luc Longpre 9/30/20141,460.94Download
presentations, reports (.pdf)Luc Longpre 12/2/201440.23Download
SampleTest2 Problem 5 possible solutionLuc Longpre 11/5/20140.70Download
Tentative schedule (.pdf)Luc Longpre 9/9/201410.41Download
Topics for grad students (.pdf)Luc Longpre 12/2/201431.95Download